"But modeling in Nigeria still has a long way to go" - Queen Vera Obiajulu

She is a beautiful, intelligent, and just simply, the outstanding virtues woman. In her own words, " I'm a career driven person with defined goals and positive mindset. I strongly believe that with God, hard work, consistency and perseverance, nothing is impossible..." Read through to be inspired from Queen Vera Obiajulu's world of excellence!


Tvital: Pls, take us into your world. Who is Vera Obiajulu?
Vera: I'm a career driven person with defined goals and positive mindset. I strongly believe that with God, hard work, consistency and perseverance, nothing is impossible...I'm a dancer, writer and a model (currently the Face of Southeast Nigeria).
Tvital:  What motivated you to go into modeling?

Vera: Well ,I've always had this passion for fashion and style right from childhood but as I grew up, my priorities changed, it wasn't about the glam anymore...Some people don't know this but modeling(pageantry, runway, commercial...)gives a platform where one can become a voice for the voiceless, where one can contribute positively to the society by carrying out pet projects and creating awareness about the pressing issues in the society, that's my goal and I'm working hard to become the type of model young people can look up to and someone the elders can commend.

Tvital: Ok, that's something I haven't heard from some models. It's really motivating. So when did you officially go into it?
Vera: The first runway show I did was at 'Nani Boi's Art Camp' in 2013, but I officially started modeling/pageantry in 2014. I contested for 'Miss NGO Nigeria' 2014 and won the 'Miss Photogenic', then that same year, I contested for 'Finest Girl Tourism in Nigeria' and won the 'model of the year'. And finally in 2016, I won the 'Face of Southeast Nigeria'. But I engaged in some runway and commercial modeling in between.
Tvital: WOW !!!! Girl, only you, with all of these titles? That's Great!  So, tell me, about being the 'voice of the voiceless', how have you been going about it?

Vera: Well ,even though it hasn't been an easy task due to lack of support(financially and otherwise), I've tried the little way I can by starting up a charity organization- 'St. Monica Foundation'.


It's a foundation that creates awareness and contributes to women and child care. My team and I make out time to visit the orphanage and nursing mothers, especially during the festive seasons. I also create awareness to 'women empowerment' on social media and other platforms, and I recently started a YouTube channel- 'Frankly Speaking with VERA' where I can reach out to people more effectively.

Tvital: OOOHHH Girl! Yours is the BIGGEST INSPIRATION!

Vera: I appreciate that!

Tvital: What do you have to say about modeling in Nigeria?
Vera: Not to sound discouraging or judgmental but modeling in Nigeria still has a long way to go. Some modeling agency's main aim is to manipulate young girls and guys into doing so many wrong acts to get money or fame. Sexual harassment is one of the major canker worms eating deep into the industry, but I believe with the right mindset, values and positive vision, the industry will be great because we have beautiful, passionate and goal-driven models in the country and good agencies as well.
Tvital: Does it pay well?
Vera: About payment, it depends on how hard you work to get your money, and experience is important, because companies like to work with good and experienced models...and it's highly important to create awareness by taking good studio pictures and being active on social media platforms because that's where most models are discovered.
Tvital: What do you have tell our young girls in Africa about their dressing and makeup?
Vera: I encourage decency in every form, not only when it comes to dress sense or makeup. The old adage 'you're addressed the way you dress' still plays a role in everyday life. So, I believe in decency and moderate make up.
TVital: Wait, are you in a relationship? (I rarely ask this. You can choose not to answer)
Vera: I'm currently single… yet to find the right person.                              
Tvital: Thank you so much for this. We appreciate!


To connect with Queen Vera Obiajulu on social media, visit:
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YouTube channel- (Frankly Speaking with VERA)

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