“leave nudity for the younger generation.” fans blast Tiwa Savage


Fans of Nigerian pop diva, Tiwa Savage have
urged her to leave nudity in music videos for
the younger generations.

Tiwa, a mother of one and who recently
released the video of her new song, All
Over, has come under attack for baring her
cleavages in some of the musical video
In fact, one of her fans bluntly said, “ I think
say this lady done marry, leave nudity for the
younger generation.”
Recall that the songstress had been embroiled
in messy marriage troubles with her estranged
husband, Teebillz.
However, Tiwa wore a danshiki swimsuit in the
video while exposing her cleavage.
Tiwa Savage
Consequently, some of her fans have found
her appearance in the video, rather immoral
and they did not hesitate to voice their
displeasure over the pop-stars attire.
Another fan put it this way: “No doubt Tiwa
has always been my number one female
musician, I am a very loyal fan of her and also
her music same way I honor her husband
Teebillz, but then we need to respect our
culture and also show decent morals, we are
not white and we don’t need to copy them”.
“Please she should try and cover up for the
sake of her son. Just an advice no hard
feelings. He will grow up someday” said
another fan..
And yet, another fan wrote, “ I’m a mom of
two and proud of what I am today dear.
Society’s brainwash isn’t applicable dear it’s
called common sense which isn’t common. I
have been married for over 10years, no regret
neither . I wouldn’t want my kids see me in
what Tiwa Savage is wearing”.

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