Trending Cars in 2017

2017 has a lot to live up to in the automotive
world. Despite a plethora of new car launches
lined up throughout the year, it will take a lot for
it to match the dizzying numbers of new car
registrations and leasing enquiries we saw in

In fact, 2016 was officially the busiest year on
record for new car registrations , with 2.69 million
units hitting British roads throughout the period,
while the value of the personal leasing sector
grew by 41.8% .
We’ve seen some ups and downs in the market
already, with many opting to take the new car
plunge before VED changes came into force
from April. Now we’re well into May, we’ve
delved into our own data to see what the most
popular models are when it comes to personal
They rated as thus:


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