Have you got a friend?

Copied From Betty Ikoro

Friendship is truly inestimable! It is said that no man is an Island. If you really desire to attain great heights in life, you need the right set of people around you! When you want to add value to your life, get the right set of people around you.

When you have true friends, let them always know through your every action that they mean alot to you, that is VALUE.  Friendship thrives on value, the truth is that people in your life consciously and subconsciously wants to know how valued they are to you.

Our parents, siblings and relations are all naturally placed in our lives, we didn’t choose them, so whether they’re good or bad we just have to enjoy or endure BUT when it comes to friendship, we’ve got the freedom to choose who we bring close to ourselves. Make good use of this freedom of choice!

Associate with the right set of people and you’ll see your life moving towards the right direction.

Betty’s Desk is back and will discuss more on this subsequently, but before then, keep having great #friendship #relationship and move towards your #destiny!

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