When it comes to sex, how many partners would be enough?

Men and women both consider 12 to be the
‘ideal’ number of sexual partners
They said it suggests someone who is ‘sexually
adventurous’ and ‘liberal’

Fewer than 10 is ‘too conservative’ while more
than 19 would be a red flag
A new survey has revealed what both men and
women think is the ‘ideal’ number of sexual
partners, however.
The study by , a dating
website for married people, found both sexes
agreed that 12 was the perfect number of lovers
to have had.
Asked why a dozen partners was perfect, both
sexes said it showed someone was “sexually
adventurous, liberal and transient.”
Meanwhile someone who has had fewer than 10
partners is regarded as being “too conservative”
and “sexually inexperienced,” according to the
On the other hand, both men and women agreed
that anything above 19 partners is a red flag, as
they would consider the person to be “too
selfish,” “difficult to please” or “too eager to
jump from partner to partner.”
However there was disagreement between the
sexes over how important it is to know the
number of people a partner has had sex with.
Just 45 per cent of women said they would
want to know how many people their partner
had slept with, while 53 per cent of men would
want to ask the question.
Explaining the findings, Christian Grant,
spokesman for, said: “Men
are a little more self-conscious when it comes
to competition.
“They want to be seen as the biggest and best;
whether that stems from genuinely wanting to
satisfy their partner or to massage their own
ego is another matter entirely.
“Women on the other hand are just happy to
enjoy the moment, past experiences aside.”           SOURCE: Sitibe

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