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“Snoop Dogg, Fela, and Bob Marley all influenced my music” , – Wizkid



Starboy boss, WizKid tells us how he made. He
detailed how he got to his present level,
those who inspired him and how despite
people not understanding his language,
his music his making steady inroads
into the western market. He also
mentioned that featuring on a track by
MI Abaga helped in making him realize
that music could be taken seriously.
Wizkid recently explained that anyone could be
a world famous musician
“Being able to make music that people
can relate to without really
understanding what you say but they
have a clue and being able to give them
good vibes and energy, that’s hardwork
and if you are able to conquer that, then
there’s no artist that’s not ready to
conquer the world after going through
all of that” Wizkid told DJ Semtex.
“Snoop Dogg, Fela, and Bob Marley all
influenced my music” , he added.
Going further, he also said that he was
not under any pressure by his record
label Sony Music to deliver. Instead it
was the other way around as he has a
high work rate.
“Not everybody needs a label, but if
you’re smart enough, you could be the
biggest artist in the world if you have
the right machines, the right structure
and smart people thinking for you, so for
me it’s only right that I get a sweet deal
that would benefit Africa and myself and
take the music to another level.”
He also revealed that his coming music
project that has been titled Sounds From
The Other Side (SFTOS) is actually a
mixtape because it is not his best work
but the likes TY Dolla Sign, Skrillex,
Travis Scott, Boy Wonder, and YG (all
American stars) may be featuring on the

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