Modeling Expresses Who I Really Am

Hi, guys, to launch our site, we are bringing to you the interview we had with Former Miss New Nigeria Heritage, Queen Kayla Onunkwo, who has also won other two crowns. Join us as we tour her world of passion!

(This interview was originally & exclusively carried out on Tvital’s Blog, a sister blog of                              Tvital’s Blog: You know personally, the much I know about you is that you attended Holy Rosary College. Others are just through your Facebook posts.
Tvital’s Blog: Who is Kayla Onunkwo?
Queen Kayla: Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. As you all may know I am Kayla Onunkwo by name, a student of University of Nigeria 300level, I hail from Anambra state but based in Enugu, a model and a pageant queen to be precise….am 5ft8 tall…fair in complexion and slim… coming down to my person….I have this personality that people either like or hate….am a little bit bossy, emotional, dramatic, opinionated but the good news is that am a very nice person😂
Tvital’s Blog: Wow
Tvital’s Blog: When did you go into modeling?
Queen Kayla: I started modeling at the age of 18….that was 2014
Tvital’s Blog: Ok, so far, how had it been for you?
Queen Kayla: It’s been going fine although modeling doesn’t pay much I’m Nigeria… atleast i make little change out of it…so far it’s been challenging and informative as well
Tvital’s Blog: Really?
Tvital’s Blog: So you won a crown(s)? Yes. Tell me about it
Queen Kayla: Am a pageant queen, last two years I was crowned Miss New Enugu 2015, last year I represented Enugu state in Miss New Nigeria World and came back with the title Miss New Nigeria Heritage 2016, I also got the “miss popularity” title so currently I have 3 crowns.                                                                                          Tvital’s Blog:  Why did you go into modeling?                                                         Queen Kayla: I ventured into modeling at the age of 18 that should be in 2014, that was because I have love for it,
and when you have love for what you do, it
becomes a career and that career becomes a
dream you never saw coming true. So, I’m a model today because I have love for it and it expresses who I really am.
People see modeling in different ways. Some say
it’s a waste of time and energy, and others say
models are just some hoes that want to market
themselves. For me, modeling is a different
picture entirely. It is something I love to do,
something I eat from. Even though it doesn’t pay
well in Nigeria, I still get a little change to keep
life going.
Tvital’s Blog: So what is your definition of beauty?                                                 Queen Kayla: Thank you so much for this question. Well, beauty I will say is happiness.
Beauty has varied throughout time, various cultures and the vast different perceptions of the world. Beauty has been described and depicted through pictures and concepts penetrating our minds. Beauty has been defined in so many ways. What I have discovered is that beauty is simple. Beauty is happiness.I think of the times I’ve been most happy and whether or not those align with common beauty standards. It hasn’t been the nights my hair stayed intact, body dressed attractively, or skin shined flawlessly. It’s been the moments I felt beauty because of happiness, which was not derived from my appearance — at all.

Tvital’s Blog:what drives your person as a woman?                                               Queen Kayla:Thank you,what drives me as a person is the desire to help others and put a smile on people’s face, and to be best in what I do.                                              Tvital’s Blog: What do you have to say about the controversies in the Nigerian Pageant Industry?                                                                                                                    Queen Kayla: Thank you. Everything in life has both the negative and positive sides and as regards the controversies trailing the pageant industry, it is just a passing phase which The Nigerian Queen pageant is gradually correcting.                                    Tvital’s Blog: I think we will look out for that? Do you have plans to contest (or are u contesting at present) in any pageant show?                                                              Queen Kayla: Yes. I will be embarking on the Nigerian Queen beauty pageant in some days time.                                                                                                                                  Tvital’s Blog: What is your simplest makeup like?                                                     Queen Kayla: My simplest makeup is appearing nude.                                              Tvital’s Blog: Wow!!! How do you manage your male admirers who may like to get personal?                                                                                                                   Queen Kayla: I have a private life and for my male admirers, I keep it strictly business and make them understand that there is a difference between fan and intimacy.


Tvital’s Blog:Assuming your fans want to reach out to you, how do they do that? I mean your contacts?                                                                                                                   

Queen Kayla: Yes they could reach me through my social media platforms, chat me up for whatever reason, I will surely see and reply their messages. It’s Kayla Onukwo @ Facebook, Instagram –
She is currently contesting for the Nigerian Queen 2017. To vote for her, visit,, or follow her at


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